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HabitatOS is the first open-source operating system for use in human spaceflight habitats. The system supports customizable time-delayed communication for Moon and Mars simulations. With a responsive HTML interface, it can be used on any device such as desktops, mobile smartphones, tablets, TV screens, and smartwatches. It has an open and documented API for the development of new features and an easy-to-use pluggable add-on structure to build experiments around.

Data Analytics

  • Data acquisition from IoT devices and sensors
  • Visualization of environmental parameters in real-time on habitat's map
  • Data analytics using machine learning algorithms
  • Data visualization
  • Data exploration tool

Time Subsystem

  • Customizable time delay simulation for communication
  • Native implementation of Lunar Standard Time, Coordinated Mars Time, Mars Sol Date, and all Earth time zones
  • Conversion between supported time zones
  • Custom time formats and time zones in reporting, communication, and everywhere in the system
  • Time-delayed small and big file upload

Work Scheduling and Reporting

  • Task scheduling
  • Support for projects and tasks with check-listed acceptance criteria
  • Tasks with and without deadlines
  • Schedule planning with projects, due-dates, and categories
  • Timeline visualization with time marker
  • Procedure viewer for particular tasks
  • Attachments support
  • Roadmap viewer for long-running experiments and projects
  • Daily activity tracking
  • Complete/Incomplete work tracking

EVA Subsystem

  • Planning, tracking, and reporting for EVA activities
  • EVA contingencies support
  • Tracking EVA tools and inventory items placement
  • EVA spacesuit bio-sensors monitoring
  • Geolocalization and astronaut tracking in real-time (for astronauts, and time-delayed for MCC)

ECLSS Subsystems

  • Flexible and extensible habitat light control
  • Temperature regulation
  • Humidity regulation
  • Support for monitoring: Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Humidity, Illuminance, Motion, Network Latency, Oxygen, Pressure, Radiation, Temperature, UV, Vibration, Voltage, Outside Weather
  • Real-time or time-delayed analytics
  • Machine Learning algorithms for ECLSS system adjustments
  • Waste management and tracking
  • Support for Biolab experiments, such as hydroponics and aquaponics
  • Water (drinking, urine, Biolab, technical) usage tracking and analytics
  • Shower time tracking


  • Time-delayed communication (Astro-MCC)
  • No delays for Astro-Astro and MCC-MCC
  • Attachment support and notifications
  • User diaries and journals
  • Videologs and audiologs
  • Daily briefings/debriefings
  • Briefings/debriefings tasks with assignees
  • Desktop and smartphone push notifications from the system
  • Tracking crew daily report completeness

Medical and Workout

  • Medical data collecting from onboard devices and sensors
  • Medical evaluations, questionnaires support, and data collecting
  • Food tracking
  • Food expiration date tracking
  • Medications and drugs expiration date tracking
  • Support for monitoring: Blood Pressure, Glucose, Heart Rate, Pulse Oximetry, Stool, Temperature, Urine (turbidity, color, pH, volume), Weight

Sociodynamics and Psychology

  • Sociodynamics, psychological surveying
  • Real-time or time-delayed
  • Sleep tracking
  • Mood tracking
  • Social interpersonal relations tracking

Inventory Tracking

  • Inventory management
  • Barcode and QR code support
  • Support for liquids, gases, and solid objects
  • Tools tracking
  • Incidents logging
  • Repair logs


  • Pluggable platform for experiments, surveys, etc.
  • Flexible user management with group support
  • Elastic permission model
  • Continuous Integration test pipeline
  • Continuous Deployment pipeline
  • Microservices architecture
  • REST+JSON versioned API
  • Docker deployments